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The classic cut throat razor NZ otherwise known as the straight razor is a dying art-form. Most of us have adopted fancier, more modern technologies – or gone for the classic double-edged safety razor instead. There’s something a little bit off-putting about wielding a razor-sharp blade so close to your throat, after all.

Cut-throat Straight Razor NZ

We say the straight razor approach remains a worthwhile one. Sure, it requires a little bit of practice to use effectively – but the cut throat razor NZ will provide a closeness of shave that can’t be replicated through other means. It’s cheap to use, and you’ll get to brag to your friends about how you achieved that perfectly-smooth face. In order to use a straight razor or a shavette, you’ll want to apply a lather, and be sure to pull the skin taut so that you can cut through the base of each hair at a right-angle. With a little practice, you’ll soon be able to get the hang of it – and earn serious macho-points in the process!

How to Use a Straight Razor or Shavette

If you’re a newcomer to cut-throat shaving and you would like to learn how to use a straight razor or a shavette, watch the short video below published by ‘The Art of Shaving’. Once you’ve watched the video take a look at our extensive range of blades available in-store or online right here at Gents barber shop.

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