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When was the last time you went for months on end without shampooing your hair? The answer, we would hope, is that such a thing would be unthinkable. So why do so many of us who sport long, lush beards go without shampooing them? This not only means that the beard will be dirtier, but that the underlying skin will be, too – which is only bad news. The hair that grows from your face is, of course, differently constituted to the stuff that sprouts from your scalp. And so it requires a shampoo that’s specially formulated to tackle beard-hair. A great beard shampoo will be able to cling to dirt and debris, and flush out those unpleasant smells that you might have simply gotten used to. Simply rub it into your beard and rinse for a cleaner, smoother beard. You’ll find all of our masculine scented and branded beard shampoos right here!
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