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If you’re serious about wet-shaving, then a suitably high-quality shaving brush is a crucial piece of equipment. With its help, you’ll be able to rub the lather right into the root of each and every hair. Rub the wet brush in small circles around your jawline; you’ll ensure that the hairs are suitably soft before you apply the razor. In doing so, you’ll ensure that the resulting shave is as close, smooth and friction-free as possible. What’s more, your lather will be nicely puffy and thick, which will make each shave a pleasure. After just a little bit of practice, you’ll never go back to those cheap aerosol gel-cans ever again!

Work up a lather!

Shaving brushes come with soft bristles, so that you’ll be able to work up a lather with the required vigour, and without risking damage to your skin. In the process, the shaving brush will exfoliate your skin, working the topmost layer of dirt and dead skin cells loose. In this section of the site, you’ll find shaving brushes from highly-reputable manufacturers like Dovo Solingen, Kent, MUHLE and Bluebeard’s Revenge. With their help, you’ll be able to achieve exactly the required lather – and enjoy a reliably luxurious shaving experience, every time.
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  • MUHLE Rytmo Black Fibre Ash Shaving Brush (Vegan)
    muhle rytmo black fibre ash shaving brush 21H220
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