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For men who like to keep their beards in immaculate condition with the smallest possible time-investment, a personal groomer or electric shaver is an indispensable tool. Using a series of oscillating blades trapped behind a protective grille, it’ll slice through every hair that stands in its path. And with the help of a few interchangeable heads, it’ll be able to cut to just about any length.

Best Personal Groomers

The best personal groomers will come with attachments that cater for just about every part of your body – so those details around your nose and ears can be addressed with ease. Removable heads aren’t just an economical measure, either – they can be easily removed and washed, ensuring that you don’t need to get the blades themselves wet. Moreover, many of the devices you see here don’t need to be oiled, and thus they’re a low-maintenance investment that’ll keep giving long into the future! Since the electric shaver first came to be in the 1930s, they’ve had a revolutionary impact in the world of men’s grooming. No longer do we need to spend hours in front of the mirror each morning: with the help of a little technology, we’re free to move on with the day – safe in the knowledge that we look the part!
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