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If you’re often travelling, then you’ll need to transport a few basic supplies everywhere you go. These might include a toothbrush and a can of deodorant, but for some men other essentials like beard oil and moustache wax might also be required – and they tend not to be supplied by even the most prestigious hotels!
Allowing such supplies to float around loose in your luggage is unthinkable. This is so for hygiene reasons, and also for those of pure convenience. With the right washbag, this problem is quickly resolved. Simply cram those few essentials in there, and you’ll be ready to face even the longest trip.

Types of Wash Bag for Men

You’ll find a selection of waterproof wash bags in this part of the site. Some of them come with a hanging hook and multiple pockets, so you’ll be able to take your entire bathroom setup with you everywhere you go. You may even get a miniature mirror that’ll allow you to inspect your work!
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    Captain Fawcett Tweed Wash Bag
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