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Cutthroat New Zealand® - Understanding the Men's Grooming Marketplace

As barbers we've worked with the best grooming products available on the market. Working with these products on a daily basis has enabled Cutthroat New Zealand™ to understand the marketplace and to develop a range of supreme masculine products for men. Our products compete with the best international brands in terms of quality and price. The product range currently includes masculine scented beard oils and beard balms, face scrubs and shaving soaps with more to come.

Quality Control

Cutthroat New Zealand® consult with a clinically-trained AromaScience Practitioner to ensure products are safe for cosmetic use. Consultation has helped ensure a quality range of manly products containing carrier oils such as Jojoba oil and Grapeseed oil which is rich and fatty, and dense in key nutrients like vitamins C, D and E. Candelilla wax and organic Shea butter are also used which are non-greasy, nourishing for hair & skin and do not clog skin pores.


We package beard oil in a recyclable clear black dripulator bottle which helps to protect the essential oils and fragrances within. Tampertel wadded black caps are provided for easy use - just turn the bottle upside down and let the masculine scented oil drop in to the palm your hand in perfectly sized drops every time. The caps also help to reduce oil wastage and generally provide a cleaner experience. High quality oil proof labelling is designed and printed right here in New Zealand and is used on all product packaging to help prevent premature and unsightly label damage. Cutthroat New Zealand products are designed, tested and hand-crafted right here in Queenstown using the highest quality ingredients.

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