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Soap is a cleaning material that’s been around for just about as long as history has recorded. Thanks to its high fat content, it can be stored in solid form – making it a convenient means of removing excess dirt that’s been found in dishes on bathroom counters for millennia. Soap works by splitting molecules of oil into smaller molecules which can dissolve in water. This makes it great for scooping up the grime that builds up on the skin. Just rinse the mixture when you’re done making a lather and both soap and dirt will be flushed away.

Quality Soap for Men Has Moisturising & Nourishing Properties

Of course, in doing this, some useful oils might be flushed away, too. That’s why the best quality soaps have moisturising and nourishing properties as well as cleaning ones. Look through the soap bars in this section of the site, and you’ll find means of keeping clean that’ll also keep your skin in tip-top condition!
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