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Many of the shaving devices we sell are based on classic designs that have been around for decades or even centuries. But in this section, you’ll find a more modern innovation. By arranging a trio of blades in parallel with one another, so-called ‘Mach3’ shavers can produce a closer shave with fewer strokes. This means less irritation for your skin. Small wonder that the technology has proven so popular with legions of men across the world!

Mach3 Razor Blades NZ

In order to get the best from your Mach3 razor, you’ll need a steady supply of replacement Mach3 razor blades. You’ll be able to secure these from just about anywhere that razor-blades are sold. Our Mach3 razors are substantial enough to cope with the pressures of your routine for years to come, and yet lightweight enough that they can be easily handled. It’s a modern classic that’s proven to be hugely effective!
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