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As a general rule, if you can’t see what you’re doing, you’re unlikely to do it very well. This is especially so in the case of grooming – which, after all, requires wielding a razor-sharp blade across the surface of your skin. Whether you’re wet-shaving with a cut-throat straight razor blade, or simply tidying up a goatee with the help of an electric beard trimmer, you’ll want a suitable mirror. In this part of the site, you’ll find all our selections.

Shaving Mirror Features

Not all shaving mirrors are built quite alike. They differ in their appearance, to be sure; you’ll need to select one that complements the rest of your bathroom setup. But there are also practical differences between them: some offer greater magnification than others; some are larger in size; some come with two sides allowing you to easily zoom in on an area of your face requiring attention. Naturally, you’ll also want your shaving mirror to be reflective enough to throw every tiny part of your face into sharp relief. Our shaving mirrors provide all of these features. Each specimen is of a reliable quality, and comes from one of the biggest names in premium shaving. With their help, you’ll find getting your facial hair in order a joy and a pleasure!
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  • MUHLE Shaving Mirror (SP1)
    MUHLE Shaving Mirror (SP1)
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