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The skin is the body’s largest organ, and one that’s constantly replacing itself. As skin cells reach the surface, they begin to die – and sometimes this can have a harmful effect on those pushing up from beneath. The role of face scrub for men NZ is to remove these loose dead skin cells using gentle friction. This practice is known as exfoliation, and has been indulged in since the time of ancient Egypt. Exfoliation remains hugely popular today.

Face Scrub for Men NZ – Exfoliate for Great Looking Skin

Of course, there’s a big difference between a good exfoliant and a bad one – you wouldn’t want to rub any old grit into your face. The face scrubs you’ll find here have been rigorously tested in Gents Barber Shop in Queenstown, and will provide that gentle exfoliating action without any of the nasty side-effects that can come from doing it wrong. They do their work gently – and they smell fantastic, too. If you’re serious about preserving your skin, be sure to give our facial scrubs for men a try.

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