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MUHLE Razor Strop

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MUHLE Razor Strop (AR)

Shaving with a straight razor provides an experience that other techniques simply can’t replicate. Lather up a high-quality soap with a high quality shaving brush, apply it generously and whip the straight blade around your jawline – with a little practice, you’ll wonder how you ever coped before!

Of course, shaving this way is dependent on the blade being as keen as possible. A blunt straight razor will rub against hairs rather than slicing through them, which means more friction and more irritation for your skin. Razor blades are among the thinnest blades available for everyday use – and frequent polishing is required to keep the blade straight and sharp. For this, we need a device called a 'razor strop'.

This razor strop is developed by German grooming specialists MUHLE. It comes with two sides: a leather one, and a textile one. The latter is used for soft honing, while the former is used for occasional sharpening. To maintain a balance between the longevity of the blade and its sharpness, you’ll want to use both.

MUHLE Razor Strop Features

This MUHLE Razor Strop is sixteen inches long, and comes with a finger loop handle and a tube of strop paste, necessary for achieving that all-important gleam. If you’re going to be shaving with a straight razor, it’s an essential purchase!