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muhle black resin silvertip shaving brush

MUHLE Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush (Black Resin)

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MUHLE Shaving Brush With Silvertip Badger Hair

For about as long as any of us can remember, the best shaving brushes have been made using badger hairs. Specifically, the exceptionally soft sort that come from silvertip badgers. This MUHLE shaving brush uses silvertip badger hair to great effect; it’ll help you to work up a lather, and massage that lather right into the root of every single hair on your chin.

The effect of this is threefold. First, you’ll get a closer shave, since the lather is applied closer to the surface of the skin making the hairs there easier to cut. Second, you’ll get a mild exfoliating effect, as the tips of the hairs rub against your face, they’ll clear away dead skin cells and allow those underneath a chance to breathe. Third, some sorts of shaving soap require the use of a brush, and if you want the moisturising effects of a quality soap, you’ll need to employ a quality piece of equipment like this MUHLE silvertip badger shaving brush!

MUHLE are a company based in Germany, who’ve long represented to pinnacle of the modern shaving experience. Just about everything they create is of the utmost quality, and this particular brush is no exception. The handle has been crafted from high-grade black resin, which perfectly emulates the shapes of traditional shaving brushes. It’s certain to form a crucial part of your bathroom setup!

  • Silvertip Badger hair
  • Turned black resin handle
  • Handle height: 47mm
  • Overall brush height: 101mm
  • Knot diameter (at base): 21mm
  • Made in Germany