MUHLE Shaving Mug White

MUHLE Shaving Mug (White Porcelain)

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White MUHLE Shaving Mug (Porcelain)

If you’re sporting a clean-shaven look, then you should consider a wet-shave obligatory. It’ll allow you to get much closer to the skin – and it’ll allow you to get the job done smoothly and comfortably. Get hold of a lathering shaving soap and a good quality shaving brush to match and this goes double; the former will ensure that every hair is kept tender and upright, while the latter will work it right into the root of every follicle. As a result, you’ll get the closest possible shave with a minimum of fuss.

Naturally, working your soap into a lather requires an additional ingredient: a surface against which to work it. This role is assumed by a dish or MUHLE shaving mug. This little porcelain device will sit happily on the side in your bathroom, providing a home for both your brush and your soap. Then, when the time comes to apply, it’ll ensure that the soap doesn’t get spattered across your mirror!

This white porcelain MUHLE Shaving Mug from the renowned German manufacturer provides exactly what’s required. Coming with a 7.7cm-tall rim, it’ll happily contain a MUHLE shaving soap – and just about any other sort of shaving soap you might decide to toss into it. It’ll surely form an invaluable part of your setup! Another item to consider is the MUHLE shaving towel made of fine waffle piqué.

Diameter: 10cm

Height: 7.7cm