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MUHLE Rytmo M3 Shaving Set Black

MUHLE Rytmo Mach3 Shaving Set (Black)

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Black MUHLE Rytmo Mach3 Shaving Set

Would you like to enjoy the best tools that the world of wet-shaving has to offer? If so, the work of German manufacturer MUHLE is surely worthy of consideration. Each of their items is designed and built in Germany, by expert craftsmen, using the finest available materials. It’s this commitment to quality that’ll really make the difference in your bathroom!
This black MUHLE Rytmo Mach3 Shaving Set provides three exquisite examples of their work. Each is made from a combination of black resin and chrome, and so will capably stand up to the moisture and dirt in your bathroom, while looking spectacular. The MUHLE Rytmo Mach3 Shaving Set comprises a shaver, a brush, and a stand that the two can hang from. That way, they’ll be displayed without coming into contact with any surface.
The shaving brush is made from badger hairs, which are softer and stronger than bristles. It’ll massage your skin as you apply the lather, and work it right into the bottom of every hair. The shaver is built to work with Gillette’s Mach3 blades – which can be purchased just about everywhere that shaving supplies are sold. With a trio of blades working in tandem, it’ll do the same work three times as quickly!
  • 3 part shaving set
  • Razor and brush with black high-grade resin and chrome handles
  • Accepts Mach3 and Mach3 Turbo cartridges
  • Pure badger hair brush
  • Stand for razor and brush
  • Made in Germany