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MÜHLE RYTMO Fusion Shaving Set Ash S81H220SF

MUHLE Rytmo Fusion Mach3 Shaving Set (Ash)

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MUHLE Rytmo Fusion Mach3 Shaving Set (Ash)

The MUHLE Rytmo Fusion Mach3 Shaving Set (Ash) is a 4-part shaving set with bowl, handles of steamed ash with chromed metal accents:

  • Shaving brush with Pure badger
  • Shaving brush size M = medium shaving brush head with 21 mm ring
  • 5-blade-razor, compatible with Gillette® Fusion™
  • Soap dish made of metal, chrome-plated
  • Stand made of metal, chrome-plated

MUHLE is a name that’s associated across the shaving world with effortless quality. Their products are each developed carefully to exacting standards in Germany, before being crafted using only the finest materials. All of this care and attention, suffice to say, makes a difference when you come to shave!

This MUHLE Rytmo Fusion Mach3 Shaving Set set has been built from heat-treated ash. This deciduous timber is native to northern Europe, and, once blasted with heat, is incredibly resistant to water. This means that the grain of the wood can be preserved without a coat of lacquer obscuring it. As such, both the razor and the shaving brush included in this set exhibit that gorgeous grain. Add a few chrome flourishes, and you’ve materials that look the part while resisting all the punishment your bathroom might dispense.

The shaving brush is made from pure badger hair, slightly thicker and darker than bristles, but still soft and flexible. It provides your face with an exceptional massage with each application of lather, which it’ll work right into the root of every follicle.

Gillette’s Five-bladed Fusion™ Razors

The MUHLE shaver is built to work with Gillette’s five-bladed Fusion™ razors. They’re to be found just about everywhere, so be sure to keep a stockpile of blades to hand for best results!