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MÜHLE Purist Briar Wood SR Shaving Set S091H59SR
muhle shaving box
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MUHLE Briar Wood Shaving Set (Safety Razor)

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MUHLE Briar Wood Shaving Set

For the ultimate shaving experience, you’ll need several different implements. Among the most important of these are included here, in this fantastic MUHLE Briar Wood Shaving Set from the German manufacturer. It comprises a brush, a safety razor, and a stand from which both can hang. Coming with matching Briar Wood handles, both brush and blade are sure to look the part on just about any bathroom counter. Each has been carefully hand-sanded to shape, and finished with a gorgeous reddish-brown that really emphasises the natural qualities of the wood.

Quality MUHLE Shaving Brush

A good shaving brush is vitally important in producing a high-quality lather, and working it right into the roots of each hair. This MUHLE shaving brush has been constructed using specially-selected badger hairs for maximum softness and flexibility. It’s constructed using artisanal tools, using techniques that are mastered by only a handful of specialists worldwide – and the results speak for themselves.

The MUHLE Briar Wood safety razor is a stylish classic that’s withstood the test of time. While the blade might come with a little bit of a learning curve, once you’ve gotten the hang of it you’ll be able to achieve far superior results. You’ll find replacement razor blades available right here on the Gents website!