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Marvis Black Forest Toothpaste

Marvis Black Forest Toothpaste (Limited Edition)

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Marvis Black Forest Toothpaste (75ml)

There are few items in the bathroom more influential than a great tube of toothpaste. It’s one of the few things that go into daily grooming that you’re required to taste – and so investing in a high- quality supply becomes critical. What’s more, a good toothpaste will act as a polishing and whitening agent, helping to control the population of harmful microbes on the surface of your teeth, and generally ensuring that your smile looks as fantastic as it should, and that your breath doesn’t repel your friends, co-workers and would-be partners. Marvis are a company based in Florence, Italy. They first came to be in 1958, thanks to an Earl named Franco Cella Di Rivara. Since the company’s inception, the products they’ve created have been intensely flavoursome – and they quickly built a reputation for freshness and quality that’s assured their presence in bathrooms across the planet.

Marvis Black Forest toothpaste: a delicious blend that combines the warm notes of cherry and chocolate with the freshness of mint, for an enveloping experience of flavours. A rich and creamy toothpaste with an intense taste sensation.