Surprising Things that Women Find Attractive

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably concerned about what women find attractive. There are the obvious things, to be sure: women want men of a high status, who are great to look at, physically impressive and mentally sharp. If they come equipped with a sizeable disposable income, then so much the better. There are a few qualities, however, which women also find attractive but which might not be obvious to men. Let’s take a look at a few of them.


Being able to cultivate plants demonstrates that you possess several qualities that women are attracted to. The first that women find attractive is patience, because growing plants takes time. The second most attractive to females in this scenario is commitment, because it also requires watering them just about every day. The third is taste – because the right plants in the right order will spruce up your cooking, and release a whole load of pleasing aromas which women will appreciate even more than you do! You don’t even need a garden to tick this particular box – just keep a few house plants around your apartment. If you’re mixing a round of mojitos and pop out onto the balcony to retrieve a spring of fresh mint, then women are almost always going to be impressed. Plus, fresh herbs make everything taste good, and so they’d be worth cultivating even if women didn’t find them appealing.


“Bones heal, chicks dig scars, and the United States has the best doctor to daredevil ratio in the world” explains hospitalised Lance Murdock, as he encourages Bart Simpsons to put his life in danger. Whether these particular words of wisdom still hold true more than a quarter of a century after this episode was first broadcast, it’s probably undeniable that chicks do indeed dig scars. They evidence a man who’s not afraid to risk life and limb, which is exciting. Of course, there’s a tendency among certain sorts of men to exaggerate the extent to which women appreciate men who’ve been mutilated – and there’s nowhere near enough evidence to suggest that it’s worth going out and seeking peril – or, worse yet, inflicting wounds upon yourself. Then there’s the fact that, if you go out of your way to look like a Cuban drug-lord, then the sort of women you attract will probably be high-risk propositions. Still, if you’ve got a scar, there’s no sense in disguising it – just be prepared to come up with a glamorous white lie about how you came to be scarred. Getting drunk and falling off a kerb isn’t going to impress women; defending a stricken puppy from an angry bear just might. Just try not to make your story too implausible.




Now, some of you might be reading this with befuddlement. Isn’t it obvious that women find men attractive when they can cook? But for some men, this message hasn’t quite sunk in. Wouldn’t it be easier, they reason, to simply find a woman who enjoys cooking? The answer is no; cooking skill demonstrates that you’re self-sufficient. Moreover, women who are able to cook are more likely to take a dim view of your failure. It might be that a woman has at some point uttered the words “I went over to his house and he cooked me a meal, and it was delicious. I was no longer attracted to him after he did that.” If you are determined not to cook, then seek this woman out. If you’d like to choose from the clear majority of women, then learn to cook. We’re serious: it’s not difficult, it’ll help to get you into shape, and it’ll grant you access to a whole myriad of textures, flavours and aromas. What’s not to like? We've also written a post on why should you pickup the bill on your date? which you may also find helpful.

Going Grey

At the risk of putting an enormous male hair-dye industry in mortal danger, the truth is that going grey isn’t all bad. It’s often a sign of maturity; but more important than that, it showcases a willingness to accept your body as it is. If you don’t view your grey hair as something worth disguising, then neither will she. Contrast this with what happens when you cover your hair in unconvincing dye. You will look like you’re trying to be younger than you are, which, let’s face it, is one thing that’s guaranteed to make women howl with ill-concealed derision. You might even be rewarded with an unflattering nickname based on a popular brand of hair-dye. To summarise: you’re a bit older now – a few grey hairs are something to be accepted and displayed. That women will recognise your self-confidence is an added side-bonus. It hasn’t done George Clooney any harm.


It’s perplexing that glasses are synonymous with brains. While it’s true that glasses correlate with higher levels of intelligence, it’s not universally true. We’ve all met the occasional poor soul who’s cursed with both terrible eyesight and the wits of an overripe mango. But while stereotypes can be misleading, they’re a quick way of assessing strangers – and women are just as guilty of making snap judgements as men. These judgements, once made, are difficult to shake – so it might be worth getting your eyes tested just in case. If you don’t need glasses, then you can always wear totally-flat ‘fashion’ glasses.


women find glasses attractive



If you’re able to dance and willing to demonstrate it whenever called upon, then you’ll be able to impress women reliably. Dancing conveys information about how much energy you have, and how healthy your joints are. Perhaps unsurprisingly, some women will sleep with men purely because they found their dancing impressive. Moreover, certain sorts of dance are more attractive – particularly those featuring broader, sweeping movements. Simply shuffling awkwardly across the dance-floor probably won’t cut it. Here's where you should be able to kill two birds with one stone; you need to be physically active to look good and stay healthy. By taking dance lessons, you’ll not only be able to preserve your impressive physique, but you’ll also be able to impress the ladies in your life with a round of impromptu gyration. Also, try visiting our post in our 'style' section on six ways to individualise your style.