Six Ways to Individualise Your Style

When it comes to how we look, one rule stands above all others: we should all look like ourselves, rather than some other person. Clothing, hair, tattoos and jewellery all offer us a means of presenting a little dose of our personality to the outside world. This is something which no fashion designer, however talented, can achieve – it’s something that the person putting the outfit together must think about. Fortunately, most of the time this exercise is simple – and it’s often great fun. You simply choose the clothes that look good together, and wear them. If you like the way you look, after all, then it stands to reason that your look will reflect the sorts of things you like. But there are some instances where something just isn’t quite right, and you look as though you’ve been plucked from the pages of a clothing catalogue. There are several reasons why this might be the case. Let’s look at some of the most common, and see how we might remedy the situation.

Avoid Larger Chain Stores

Chain stores are, on the whole, a welcome development. They’re able to produce and distribute goods in a way that smaller retailers simply can’t match. But they aren’t perfect, and among their flaws is the fact that all of their stuff is mass-produced. Which means that it’ll often be of a lesser quality, and that you’ll often encounter other people who are wearing exactly the same outfit as you. While there’s no way to completely avoid this occurrence (unless you’re the sort of fabulously wealthy person who’ll exclusively wear bespoke one-off items), you can minimise it by going for smaller artisanal producers.




Wearing the same colours over and over again can rapidly become very tedious. But if your wardrobe contains just a few pastel shades of brown and blue amidst a sea of blacks and whites, this tedium is largely unavoidable. Most men are incredibly conservative when it comes to their choice of clothing – and experimenting with the odd brightly-coloured garment every once in a while isn’t going to hurt. Despite what we might have all learned from the Simpsons, wearing a pink shirt to work isn’t a marker of insanity. Give it a try!

Don’t Follow Trends

Peer pressure is an ugly thing. It can tempt would-be fashionistas into wearing some of the most ridiculous clothing imaginable. If you’re noting a developing trend with alarm, because you dread the prospect of having to wear something you don’t like, then fear not – there are some things that will never go out of fashion, and you’ll always be able to safely return to them. With that said, if there’s a new and exciting development that you really can’t wait to jump on board with, then don’t let fear stand in your way!


Accessories will help to provide your outfit with the finishing touches that’ll set it apart from everyone else’s. Add some extra flavour to a work outfit with a pair of thick-rimmed spectacles and some well-chosen cufflinks, or improve your casual appearance with an eye-catching belt-buckle. If you're trying to individualise your style, the most worthwhile accessories, however, are undoubtedly Clocks and Colours masculine jewellery for men which include rings, bracelets and necklace & pendants – as they can be worn in almost every situation. Opt for something that reflects your tastes and personality; that way you’ll feel far more comfortable wearing it.



Don’t Buy Cheap

You’re only going to be able to wear so many clothes at the same time – and so there’s no real reason to have a horde of cheap t-shirts and jeans. This goes especially so for men's jewellery – which you’re going to be wearing almost constantly, and which will last for years or even decades. This isn’t to say, however, that expensive automatically equals quality. You’ll find variations from brand to brand and store to store – so be sure to shop around in search of your perfect attire. Check out our post on investing in quality masculine jewellery. One fantastic example of this principle comes in the form of a made-to- measure suit. You pay more, but you get the reward of unparalleled comfort, and avoid the nagging sensation that you’re an imposter who’s wearing someone else’s clothing for the day.

Don’t Believe Your Own Hype

If you spend a lot of time thinking about individualising your style, then you might fall into the trap of thinking that you’re stylish. Dressing up and getting complimented on your appearance is fantastically rewarding, but if you’re not careful it might inflate your ego hideously. And, besides, even people who don’t know the first thing about fashion will know when you’re trying too hard.