Soothe Razor Burn With the Right Post-Shave Products

post-shaving products

One of the occupational hazards of a frequent shaver is that there’s a risk of occasionally cutting through the skin, or dragging the blade in such a way that irritation and redness occur (razor burn). The best way of avoiding this, naturally, is to invest in a razor which uses a sharp, sturdy blade that’ll slide through those hairs with a minimum of friction. You’ll find such double edge safety razor's in our shop.

MUHLE twist safety razor

Burn Repair Products & Aftershave Balm

Of course, however carefully you guard against mishaps, a few of them on occasion are inevitable. Here you’ll find razor burn products including aftershave balm and moisturising lotion that’ll help you contend with those few cuts and scratches that do slip through the net.

aftershave moisturising lotion

Soothe Irritation & Stop Bleeding

As well as soothing irritation and halting bleeding, many of the razor burn repair products here come with additional benefits, like delivering nutrients directly to your skin to fight the signs of ageing and keep the cells nicely moisturised. If you find that you’re prone to soreness after shaving, add a bottle of aftershave balm to your cabinet.