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MUHLE Rytmo Fusion Shaving Set Ash double edge safety razor

MUHLE Rytmo Fusion Safety Razor Shaving Set (Ash)

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MUHLE Rytmo Fusion Shaving Set (Safety Razor)

If you’re serious about wet-shaving, then the quality of the tools you use can’t be neglected. MUHLE are a German manufacturer who’ve made it their business to provide exceptional materials for wet- shavers. Everything they produce is designed and built in Germany, and represents the pinnacle of the industry.

Here we have a case-in point. The MUHLE Rytmo Fusion Shaving Set is a set of two shaving essentials: a shaver and a brush. The former is a traditional safety-razor; it’ll serve admirably once you’ve gotten the hang of it – and thus it’s no wonder that so many swear by them. Next, we have a badger-hair brush, whose hairs are much stronger and softer than traditional bristles. It’ll massage your face while delivering that lather right into the very root of every hair – which, after all, is where the blade will come into contact with them.

Two main materials go into the creation of these devices. The first is chrome, which looks fantastic and will capably resist corrosion and other problems. The second is steamed ash, which is heat- treated so that it can capably resist moisture without a coat of lacquer. With a distinctive, gorgeous grain, it’ll look the part in your bathroom.

To get the best from a safety-razor, you’ll want to be sure that the razor blade is regularly replaced. Fortunately, we’ve the replacements available right here on the Gents website!