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muhle organic argan oil

MUHLE Argan Oil (Organic)

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MUHLE Argan Oil (Organic)

This MUHLE Argan Oil is manually pressed, rich in essential fatty acids and valuable active ingredients; nourishes, protects and regenerates irritated skin. As it can be combined with other skincare products, it is an ideal individual product for the intensive care of lips, skin and nails. Vitamin F optimises the lipid balance and increases hydration as well as the smoothness of the skin. MUHLE Argan Oil is free of synthetic preservatives, scents or colourings. BDIH certified organic skincare.

How to Apply

For intensive care and regeneration, apply small amounts to the skin or nails, rub it carefully and massage it in gently.

  • BDIH certified organic skincare
  • Free of synthetic preservatives, scents or colourings
  • 30ml bottle