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Kent Mens Military Hair Brush MN1B

Kent Military Hairbrush (MN1B)

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Kent Military Hair Brush for Men (MN1B) - Ebony Wood

The Kent Military hairbrush will not only help to get your hair into order (though this is really the duty of the comb), but it’ll also help to stimulate the scalp, encouraging the production of those essential oils that help hair to look as great as possible.Not all hairbrushes are created quite alike. This Kent Military Hair Brush offering comes equipped with pure white bristles, each soft enough to massage your scalp and reduce irritation. It comes in a classic handle-free oval design traditionally favoured in the military. Kent are among the most reputable creators of mens’ grooming products on the planet. Since the company’s inception in 1777, they’ve released a steady stream of grooming products built to help men get the best from their hair each morning. In the UK, they’ve been honoured with the Royal Warrant of Appointment – a distinction granted only to products actually used by the Royal court.

Ebony Wood Kent Military Hairbrush Made in England

This particular version of the brush is carved from ebony wood, and is sure to look fantastic on the side in your bathroom. If you find that you’ve often travelling, on the other hand, it’s sure to make a great addition to your wash-bag.