Kent Travel Hairbrush MC4

Kent Travel Hairbrush (MC4)

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Kent Travel Hairbrush for Men (MC4) - Cherry Wood

The oval shaped Kent hairbrush form men is suitable for daily grooming all hair types. Filled with finest pure white natural bristle that promotes natural shine, whilst distributing natural oils. The MC4 is made from Cherrywood. The perfect size brush for travelling.

High Quality Kent Travel Hairbrush

Throughout the company’s lifespan, Kent have provided men across the globe with a steady stream of high-quality grooming devices – including brushes of the sort you see here. They’ve even been given the Royal Warrant of Appointment – a distinction which basically means that their products are used by the Royal Court in the UK. This version of this product has been carved from beech wood, and so is sure to look great when it’s sitting on the side in your bathroom. With its gorgeous appearance and luxurious, soft bristles, it’s sure to form a crucial part of your grooming setup.