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kent handmade comb OT

Kent Handmade Comb (OT)

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Kent Handmade Comb

Simply run the Kent handmade comb through wet hair and you’ll turn it into something that’s well-ordered and good to look at – what could be simpler? Of course, not all combs are created quite the same. Some, such as this handmade offering from Kent Brushes, are built to provide just the right functionality for years to come. They’ll be able to tame your hair each morning, and they’ll do so without tearing chunks out of your scalp.

The World's Most Reputable Grooming Equipment Manufacturer

Kent are among the world’s most reputable manufacturers of men’s grooming equipment. Since the company first came to be, in 1777, they’ve put out a string of fantastic products that have found use across the world. They’ve even been granted the Royal Warrant of Appointment, issued only to those who supply goods to the royal court in Britain. This is a comb, in other words, that’s fit for a king – quite literally. This Kent handmade comb is among the smaller combs available; at just 110mm long it’s capable of sliding easily into your pocket – so that you can perform adjustments whenever required. It’s a perfect companion for special occasions where you need to look your best at all times – and it’s sure to serve you well when you’re travelling, too. You’ll find two sets of teeth across the edge: one coarse, the other fine.