Kent Handmade Comb in Leather Case NU22

Kent Handmade Comb in Leather Case (NU22)

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Kent Handmade Comb in Leather Case

A high-quality Kent handmade comb in leather case - ideal for getting even the unruliest head of hair into order in a matter of moments. Pair it with a decent Kent military hair brush and a styling agent and you need never worry about losing control of your locks ever again!

Naturally, not every comb is created quite the same. Most combs will be able to get your hair in order, to be sure – but some might not be able to do so without scratching your scalp and causing irritation. If you’re going to be combing your hair every morning for years on end, it’s important to invest in a product that’s up to the task. That’s where companies like Kent Brushes come in. Since 1777, they’ve been creating styling products for men that have sealed their reputation as being among the best in the business. They’ve even been granted the Royal Warrant of Appointment in the UK!

Protective Leather Comb Case

This particular Kent handmade comb is fine-toothed, and comes with a protective leather case that makes it perfect for storing in a jacket pocket until the time is right. At just 122mm long, it’s fantastic for men who need a compact solution.