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Kent Beard Brush

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Kent Beard Brush With Boar Bristles

Give your beard the attention it deserves with a Kent beard brush! Kent Brushes were founded in 1777, and have since established a stellar reputation for quality men’s grooming equipment. Over 230 years, they’ve been creating high quality brushes of the sort you see here.

This particular Kent beard brush is built to handle the trickiest sort of hair: the sort that sprouts from a man’s face. It comes equipped with traditional boar bristles – which help to improve the condition and texture of hairs and carry sebum into the underlying skin. Bristles of this sort will help to keep your facial hair in the best possible condition. With a hand-carved chunky wooden handle, this is a beard brush that makes manipulating your facial hair as easy as can be.

Each of these Kent Beard Brushes come equipped with a matching cotton bag, which is hand-stitched and comes printed on both sides: One side with the Kent company logo, which has been in service since the 1700s, and the other with a beard logo designed by Andre Visage. The carry-bag isn’t just for show – it’s crucial if you’re going to be using beard oils and waxes. These substances have a habit of seeping from the brush when it’s not in use – and so if you’re storing your brush in a jacket pocket, the bag will form a crucial barrier that’ll keep your clothes in the same excellent condition as your beard!