The Tobacconist Beard Care Set

Cutthroat The Tobacconist Beard Care Set

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Tobacco & Black Pepper Beard Oil and Balm Set

Cutthroat 'The Tobacconist' Beard care Gift Set includes one 60ml beard balm and one 30ml beard oil bottle.

Premium quality balm and oil designed and hand-crafted by professional barbers in consultation with a clinically-trained Aroma Science Practitioner to ensure the product is safe for cosmetic use.

The tobacconist is the latest addition to our masculine Cutthroat range. These premium tobacco scented beard products are infused with high grade Nicotiana Tabacum (Tobacco) and Piper nigrum (black pepper) essential oils. The carefully selected essential oils provide a slight peppery note balanced perfectly with the freshness, sweetness and fullness of amazing tobacco essential oil.

'The Tobacconist' is a sensory overload reminiscent of walking in to a traditional high street tobacconist shop.

A range of high quality ingredients have been chosen for their individual properties. These ingredients are natural, non-greasy, nourishing for hair & skin and they do not clog the skin pores. To view ingredients please visit the individual product pages Tobacconist Beard Balm and Tobacconist Beard Oil.

Fragrance Notes

A strong rich, somewhat smoky/warm herbaceous aroma reminiscent of pipe tobacco with a hint of pepper, very tenacious.


Beard Balm: comes in a recyclable 60ml aluminium tin with oil proof product labelling to help prevent damage to the label

Beard Oil: comes in a stylish clear black Dripulator bottle and Tampertel wadded black cap for easy use, less wasted oil and a cleaner experience. Oil proof product labelling to help prevent damage to the label.

Please note: smoking pipe not included.