Jobs Which Increase Men’s Sex Appeal

jobs which increase mens sex appeal

When you’re being interviewed for a major position that you’ve spent years working toward, it’s likely that you’ll be asked ‘why do you want this job?’. Of course, it’s rarely advisable to reply ‘I want to be considered sexier’. But the truth is, such a response would contain just a smidgen of truth – most of us want to be attractive, even if we don’t build our lives around such considerations. And some jobs are manifestly more glamorous than others – and attractive to prospective sexual partners. This isn’t something we need to speculate about; thanks to dating apps like Tinder, we have everyone’s preferences there in cruel, hard swipes for everyone to see. Let’s take a look at some of the jobs which increase men’s sex appeal, are considered sexy, and why they might be so.


To be a lawyer, you need to be highly intelligent, hardworking and assertive – all attractive qualities, to be sure. Striding from courtroom to courtroom and ensnaring wrongdoers in a web of logic and rhetoric, they’re about as close as it gets to a real-life batman. But let’s deal with the elephant in the room, here. Lawyers get paid a lot of money, and everyone likes money, all other things being equal. For much the same reason, you’ll find architects, oil tycoons and dot-com billionaires are similarly in- demand.


Pilots are another of the most attractive jobs for men, according to Tinder. They’re obviously highly skilled and highly intelligent, but they’re also entrusted with the lives of millions of people every year. Of course, pilots are also required to work unsociable hours – and so as undoubtedly sexy as they might be, they’re also not stellar candidates for long-term relationships. Of course, for those just looking for a short-term dalliance with someone who’ll only be in the country for a single night at a time, this is unlikely to matter too much.


If you possess the ability to heal the sick, then you’re probably irresistible. Doctors tick a lot of boxes for women: they’re piercingly intelligent, they’re industrious enough to survive years of education and the line of work itself is pretty demanding, too. But it’s the fact that doctors spend so much of their time caring for others that probably cements their position as an object of desire. Just think of George Clooney in ER or Hugh Laurie in House MD – would women have found them quite so attractive if their respective characters earned a living in sanitation? The answer is probably not.


While teachers might not bring in quite so much cash as doctors, they fulfil the nurturing criteria just as capably. They’re responsible, after all, for equipping the next generation with the skills and knowledge they need to flourish. And they’ll have the skills required to deal with children, which – consciously or otherwise – both men and women find attractive. Can you imagine a woman uttering the words: ‘he’s absolutely dreadful with kids, and I find that a real turn-on’? The answer, again, is probably not.


The ability and desire to get out there and make things happen without waiting for other people to give you permission is surely one of the most attractive qualities a man can possess. If you’re a business owner who’s grown something from nothing, then you’re sure to be more attractive than someone who spends their time grinding through a dreary desk-bound existence day after day. If you’ve got a bank account the size of Elon Musk’s and you wear suits everywhere, you’ll reinforce this message even more strongly. But even if you’re not quite so well-financed, you’ll likely find that being self-employed is worth something.

Personal Trainer

Personal trainers are high up the list of attractive professions because they’re, by necessity, physically fit. They’re also knowledgeable, assertive personable, as they need to be able to motivate complete strangers, and identify physiological problems and correct them. Other physically-active professionals, like soldiers and tree-surgeons, are likely to be able to secure the attention of a certain sort of mate – but they lack the all-around appeal of a personal trainer.


This one’s a little tricky to recommend, because while models might feature highly on the list of professionals that people are attracted to, it’s certainly because people are attracted to attractive people, and attractive people stand a better chance of becoming models. This isn’t a reason not to become a model, per se – just don’t expect the decision to yield a dramatic uptick in your love-life.


This is another profession where we’ll need to attach a considerable caveat, and that’s that there’s an enormous difference between the top end of the music business and the bottom. Lang Lang and Steven Tyler are attractive (even if they’re not fantastic to look at) than some penniless busker. Once women have reached their mid-twenties, they’re sure to be a lot less impressed by a few strummed chords and a lot more impressed by blokes who drive German-made performance cars and earn their living trading collateralised debt obligations.


Everyone likes to live with a person who can cook, and so it’s probably little surprise that chefs are attractive. They’ve got a skill that’s always going to be in demand; they’re creative enough to compose new dishes; and they’re hard-working enough to work ridiculous hours. You’ll also have the advantage of being able to cook a prospective partner something mind-blowing early in the relationship and thus give it the best possible chance of flourishing.


Of course, people who earn their living writing articles about what women find attractive are undoubtedly the most attractive men of all. The reasons for this are not well-understood – but the fact is inarguable. Fortunately, these characters rarely venture from their darkened typing-caves. Thus, the rest of the male population has little to worry about.

In Conclusion

While each of the jobs we’ve discussed here are attractive, there is no guarantee that taking them up will make you more attractive. The most attractive men, as a rule, are those with an enthusiasm and passion for their work – if you meet someone who shares those inclinations, you’re sure to get on splendidly! Also, read our post on surprising things that women find attractive and six ways to individualise your style.