Invest in Quality Masculine Jewellery

A few choice accessories can make the difference between a fantastic outfit and a bland one. With the help of the right bracelet, ring or pendant, you’ll be able to provide your wardrobe with the required dose of showmanship. But tracking down this elusive item isn’t always as straightforward as it might seem. This is an area where women certainly have it easier, thanks to the enormous range of jewellery available to them. You might have noticed an abundance of women’s jewellery on display at your local shopping mall, but a relative paucity of the sort of thing you’d happily wear. Faced with this apparent shortage of masculine bling, men need to be especially careful in picking out the right stuff. After all, the wrong choice is as likely to ruin your appearance as it is to enhance it! Let’s consider how we might select the right jewellery for men, and safely incorporate it into our wardrobes.

Less is More

When it comes to investing in quality men's jewellery, it’s better to err on the side of subtlety. Unless you’re going to be working as a soldier of fortune or a boxing promoter, a little jewellery is almost always better than a lot. Several rings on each finger and bracelets stacked up to your elbow is not a good look. Everyone will notice that you’re wearing jewellery, but they won’t be able to pick out any of the details. It’s a lot like demonstrating the quality of your new favourite band by playing all of their songs at once – the result is going to be unconvincing, whatever the merits of the components.    

Invest in Quality Masculine Jewellery

Since you’re only going to be buying just a few items of masculine jewellery rather than several dozen, you’ll be able to devote more of your budget to achieving the appropriate quality. Since you’re going to be wearing these items more regularly than any one shirt or pair of trousers should justify investing a little more. Unlike a phone, a car or a television, a piece of high-quality jewellery is not going to be made obsolete in a few year’s time. You might even like a piece so much that you decide to pass it on to the next generation – or the one after that! Also visit our post on rising trends in men's jewellery and how to get it right with our men's jewellery guide.



Dull is Better Than Shiny

The maxim of subtlety can also be applied to the materials themselves. Sparkling, glittery jewellery will draw attention, while dull, matt shades will sit comfortably alongside the rest of your clothing. As such, gold jewellery is out, as are all but the subtlest precious jewels. Instead, you’ll want to opt for other materials. Silver jewellery is a great alternative to gold, as it’s good-looking without being ostentatious. The same can be said of brass, which is distinctly less shiny than gold – provided it hasn’t been polished to within an inch of its life. Steel jewellery makes a great alternative for those on a budget; it exudes a pleasingly manly ‘industrial’ aesthetic. A great deal of the most popular men’s jewellery comes attached to a leather strap. These will wrap nicely around your wrist or neck, allowing you to display a single metal ornament prominently without the means of attaching it dominating your wrist or neck.

Go for Something Significant

Since we’re doing away with precious stones, much of the aesthetic value of a piece of men’s jewellery will come from the way that the metal itself is sculpted. Modern jewellers have come up with an array of different shapes, from the simple and powerful to the bewilderingly intricate. If you’re going to opt for a piece of jewellery, then, it makes sense to go for a shape that’s meaningful – or at the very least, meaningful to you. Religious iconography is a popular choice for jewellers, but it might also come with some baggage – if you’re going to wear a crucifix around your neck, then you should be prepared for a conversation about Christianity at the next party you attend. You might think that you’re safe with something more niche, like a Shinto-Buddhist or Celtic symbol – but it’s worth engaging in a little research before investing, lest you be informed later that your prized bracelet actually signifies something untoward. In many cases, it’s best to invest in quality men's jewellery that’s significant for reasons you’re familiar with. Everyone you meet will know what a skull, a bullet, an anchor or an axe-head signifies, and thus they’re universally popular choices as jewellery themes, particularly for men looking to assert their masculinity!