Bellroy: Bespoke, Environmentally Certified Leather Designs

Let it never be said that we’re not ready and willing to chase a new line of products or work with some up and coming folk if it means giving you incredible products! We’re always happy to partner up with those who’ve got the real spit and polish that makes a good company.

We’ve recently partnered up with Bellroy, a fantastic company who have a lot of cool products to offer. We thought that we would talk a little bit about our new supplier, and showcase some of the incredible products we’ll be putting out into your world.

Who Are Bellroy?

So, who exactly are Bellroy? What do they do that makes them a unique and exciting company? Well, they began about ten years ago now, as a team of engineers and product designers. It occurred to them that they could take the conventional wallet, a very typical everyday item, and redesign it to be more suited to a modern perspective.

The resulting effort was a resounding success, and it put the Bellroy on the map. Now, they operate globally, with more than 100 people working together. Their mission is to help the world carry things better, to flourish in a modern time ultimately, and to use their business as a force to bring about positive change.

We are proud to be working with Bellroy because they have a great attitude towards innovation and product creation. They understand that this type of business is one which really requires a cut above the standard. They acknowledge as much as we do that when it comes to creating products, you have to build something that appeals to the modern person, that is adaptable and suitable for the current climate.



Bellroy Products

We choose to focus on Bellroy bags and wallets. This is an area in which the Australian manufacturer definitely excels, because they have been designing and manufacturing leather wallets since their inception, and bags followed shortly afterwards. So, not only does the wallet category offer a beautiful selection of bespoke cardholders, card pockets and zip wallets but we’ve also got campus backpacks, slings and laptop sleeves available in the bags department.


Bellroy card pocket

Bespoke, Environmentally Certified Leather Designs

Personally, we are in love with the bespoke, environmentally certified leather designs, the exquisite construction, and stylised shapes. These are modern designs. That means that all the lines are sleek and neat; everything has been made to be quite streamlined. It’s precisely the kind of contemporary touch that good backpacks and cardholders need. Elegant, streamlined, almost minimalist in their construction, all of these potential hallmarks are incredible.

Bellroy slim sleeve

So, whether it is the card holder, the slim wallets, the laptop cases, or the campus backpacks, there is a broad selection of options to experiment with here. Everything has been made to the same fantastic level of quality, and as we’re now an authorised retailer of Bellroy products a three year warranty is included as standard with all products purchased online or in-store from Gents Supply Co. Pretty great, right?

Bellroy laptop sleeve

We love the way that Bellroy take time and effort on all of their projects, and the creations that they come up with have been genuinely awe inspiring.

We’ve had a look at everything they’ve sent to us, and what we’ve noticed is that there is a real feel-good factor in using their products every day. You feel great. It’s genuinely a really nice way to sit and carry your possessions around. You feel professional, you feel stylish, and you feel cool.

To be honest, that’s a big part of why you invest in leather accessories like this. You feel cool. You feel like you’re getting the best possible options. It’s a great way to do things, and a really thrilling way to enjoy yourself. There are so many different options and choices that you get to pick from, and this makes it so impressive.

Let’s be honest; the modern era deserves a modern look. We update our fashion, by wearing sleek and stylish clothing, so why not do the same for our bags and wallets? It’s not like we are reinventing the wheel, which is making it look even better than it did before.