muhle strop tool
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MUHLE Strop Tool

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MUHLE Strop Tool (SAR)

For the purists amongst us who can’t do without the clean, close shave that a straight razor provides, a few additional accessories can really help to improve the experience. Among these is a MUHLE strop tool – a device built to keep your razor in the best possible condition, protect it against the elements and maintain its sharpness. This sharpness will, in turn, help the razor blade to glide through the stubborn hairs right at the root – rather than tearing them up and causing unnecessary irritation.

Precise Tension for Stropping & Honing

For this reason, a high-quality MUHLE strop tool is a crucial purchase. This double-sided strop tool from German manufacturer MUHLE provides a means of sharpening and polishing your blade. It comes with two sides, providing different sharpening grades. With a screw-threaded handle, you’ll be able to precisely select the required tension for your stropping and honing – leaving nothing to chance.

If you’re going to be shaving using a straight razor, then be sure to do it right. Invest in a quality MUHLE strop tool, and you’ll safeguard the investment you made in a quality straight razor. With the help of this device, friction is sure to be a thing of the past – and the razor blade will last long into the future, too!