muhle rytmo safety razor set with bowl

MUHLE Rytmo Black Fibre Safety Razor Shaving Set + Bowl

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MUHLE Rytmo Black Fibre Shaving Set With Bowl

When it comes to securing the best possible wet-shave, the right tools simply can’t be neglected. That’s why so many wet-shavers rely on brands like MUHLE. This German manufacturer places a strong emphasis on quality – and their work is peerless in its precision, materials and craftsmanship. If you’re a perceptive wet-shaver, then you’ll know the difference immediately!

Hard Resin and Chrome

This MUHLE Rytmo Black Fibre Safety Razor Shaving Set is built from a combination of hard resin and chrome. The handles are coated in stylish black, which contrasts nicely with the gleaming trim. Included is a safety-razor and a matching brush. Each hangs from a small stand, which will display both items while ensuring that they’re kept clear of any dust, moisture or grime. You’ll even get a small bowl, which is perfect for working up a nice lather.

Badger Bristle Shaving Brush

The brush is built from soft and strong badger bristles, which will capably build up a lather and then work it right into every nook and cranny on your face – providing the skin with an invigorating massage as it does so.

For best results, you’ll want to replace the blade on your safety razor regularly. It’ll accept all double edge razor blades, and you’ll find plenty of candidates here on the Gents website. It makes sense, therefore, to stock up!

  • 4-part shaving set with bowl
  • Razor and brush with black resin handles
  • Accepts all double-edged razor blades
  • Pure badger hairbrush
  • Stand for razor, brush and bowl
  • Made in Germany