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tl exclusive 2 fold leather wallet black

Tuscany Leather 2 Fold Leather Wallet

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Tuscany Leather 2 Fold Leather Wallet

Whenever the modern man leaves his dwelling, he takes with him several very useful items. These include his keys and mobile phone, and his wallet. It’s this latter item that you’ll find here. The difference between a quality wallet and an inferior one is a big one – both in terms of function and aesthetics. After all, you don’t want to carry around all your money in a substandard package!

Leather wallets are a popular choice for good reason – the material is durable, great to look at, and long-lasting. It’ll even polish itself as it moves around your pocket! Not all leathers are created precisely the same, however. This particular Tuscany Leather Exclusive 2 Fold Leather Wallet is made from Tuscan calf-skin leather, which is noted for its exceptional strength and suppleness.

Inside this 2 Fold Leather Wallet by Tuscany you’ll find a polyester lining, into which your belongings can fit without scraping against the leather from the inside. There are two compartments, and two slides for currency, along with six pockets for credit and debit cards. It’s a device that’ll serve its owner excellently for years – or decades – on end. If you’re in the market for a new wallet, then, why settle for anything less than this quality Tuscany Leather wallet?

Product Measurements

  • Dimensions: 1.50 x 9.00 x 10.50 cm

  • Weight: 0.00 Kg

Tuscany Leather Wallet Materials

  • Polished calf-skin leather

Inside Material

  • Polyester lining

  • 2 compartments

  • Two currency slides

  • 6 credit card pockets