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BiC Razor Blades

BiC Razor Blades (Chrome Platinum)

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BiC Razor Blades (x100)

If you’re shaving with a safety razor, then you’ll be able to obtain a closeness of shave that most modern men can’t even approach – provided that you’re able to navigate the steep learning curve and master the technique. Safety razors are much-loved by shaving traditionalists – but they’re only as effective as they are sharp; a blunt safety razor blade will harmlessly bounce off the hair that it’s supposed to be shredding, and it’ll irritate the skin beneath, to boot.

BiC Razor Blades (Chrome Platinum)

For this reason, a supply of replacement BiC Razor Blades is called for. Société Bic are a French company best known for producing ballpoint pens in huge quantities – but they’re also among the biggest names in the shaving business. This pack of five twenty-packs of replacement BiC Razor Blades is sure to provide exactly the required sharpness. They’re packaged in a plastic-free container, and will provide your household with a steady supply of high-quality blades.

The double edge BiC Razor Blades themselves are crafted from stainless steel, and come with several coatings designed to preserve their sharpness. Polymers, Teflon and chrome platinum have each been used to enhance the blade – and thus they’ll provide a close shave even after they’ve been in storage for years. There’s therefore no reason not to stock up now!

Popular high quality BiC safety razor blades

  • 20 packs of 5
  • Chrome Platinum coated for smoothness
  • Blades come in Eco-friendly packaging: card & waxed paper - no plastic
  • Made In Greece