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Tuscany Leather are a globe-encompassing company, exporting to 190 countries around the world and counting their customers in the hundreds of thousands. They provide exactly what their name might suggest – the best leather products, crafted in Tuscany, Italy. Each product the company produces comes as a result of centuries of experience in leather and tanning. Each of their designs builds upon the last, creating an ever-improving stream of ergonomic, wearable products. But the authentic leather-crafting techniques of the nineteenth century are still employed – and so you’ll find each item a step above the machined, cheaper items you might find widely available today.

Tuscany Leather Wallets & Bags for Men

The company’s leather is tanned according to hundred-year-old techniques, using vegetable tannins whose impact on the environment is negligible. This process lends each item that all-important glossy sheen, which ensures that it not only lasts for years, but that it looks fantastic, too. Each Tuscany Leather product comes equipped with a seal tag, a guarantee certificate, and an anti- counterfeit hologram. The guarantee confers a twenty-four-month manufacturer’s warrantee – so you can be sure that your investment is a safe one. If you’re looking for the ultimate in high-quality leather items, then be sure to check out the men’s Tuscany Leather available here!

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