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The Armani family is one of the biggest names in world fashion. Their second brand, Emporio Armani, is reserved for innovative modern designs, and is thereby distinct from the more classic stuff you might associate with the name. The company’s founder, Georgio Armani, cut his teeth in Milan department stores before going on to design clothing on a freelance basis throughout the sixties. He used the experience gained from this to great effect when he established the company in 1975, along with his friend Sergio Galeotti.


The story will probably lend some encouragement to those of us who’ve gotten to our thirties without ever establishing all-conquering businesses. Armani himself was in his forties when he got his venture started; Galeotti persuaded the man to sell his car and start a tiny two-person operation that would, in just a few years, conquer the world. The Emporio brand came to be in the early 1980s, following the success of the ‘Georgio’ brand in the 70s. It’s the name emblazoned across the high-quality Armani watches you’ll find right here on the Gents store.

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You’ll find Emporio Armani watches NZ and accessories right here on our site, alternatively our ranges can be viewed in-store at Gents Supply Co located at First Floor, 35 Shotover Street, Queenstown.
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