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Dovo Solingen are a century-old German company who’ve contributed tremendously to the art and science of shaving over their considerable lifespan. To begin with, the company was focused on forging razor knives from their factory near Solingen. The company was unusual among German manufacturers in that its symbol, the little man with a sword and a hammer, still found favour in foreign markets.

Dovo Solingen NZ - Straight Razors & Shaving Brushes

Over the years following the war, the company expanded by acquiring a range of other razor- developing companies. Today, they enjoy a prime position in the global market, and are particularly respected for their range of safety razors and cut-throat razors. If you’re looking for the ultimate in sharpness and quality for your wet-shave, then the products on offer here are difficult to beat. On the other hand, if you’re looking to keep a longer beard or moustache in check, the scissors offered by the Dovo Solingen company are also unrivalled globally.
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  • Dovo INOX Mother of Pearl Straight Razor
    Dovo INOX mother of pearle straight razor
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